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I love, love, love your wines. Hubby and I come out to PA a couple of times a year and we make a stop all the time to restock....and I always seem to find something unique in the little 'gift' shop too! :-)

Greetings, I LOVE your website, philosophy and energy!

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Winery Artists

Dungeness Red Label Photo by Chris EngesChris Enges

Chris Enges has provided the photographs for our Dungeness Series labels for many years. We used to pick the photo through a local photography contest but Chris kept winning the contest every year so now we just go to directly to him at label time.


Chris Enges Bio: Since I was a smallchild I loved artwork. Pen and ink, watercolor,
charcoal, even crayons, I enjoyed drawing and creating.
Later when I returned from the Navy Seabee’s in the late 70’s to the
Olympic Peninsula my newest art form the 35mm camera which I carried around the world was set on a shelf.

As I began to raise a family and start aChris Enges new career building and maintaining roads with Clallam County road department, I took for granted the natural beauty of the Peninsula until one day about 10 years ago it dawned on me what an incredible place I lived in.

That’s when the camera came off the shelf and it and myself traveled around this area and beyond to capture the perfect image. Lighthouses, the rugged northwest coast, high mountain peaks and serpentine rivers found there way into my viewfinder. The old manual focus film camera gave way to the digital revolution.

The love of art re-surfaced after many decades.
Olympic Cellars Winery gave me an opportunity to showcase some of my work on their fabulous wines in 2006 and have been fortunate to have had seven labels displayed on seven different vintages since then.

If you would like to see some of those images and more, go to
Artist Website

Ethan May Designs

2009 Cabernet Franc Label by Ethan MayEthan May created our newest label with our new stained glass barn logo. Ethan May has created award-winning corporate identities, packaging, and marketing solutions for over 15 years. EMD’s client list covers a wide range of industries such as Technology, Software, Healthcare, Retail, Entertainment, Food and Beverage, and Finance. Since opening the doors to the design studio in 2000, EMD has developed over 25 wine brands including SilverLake, El Paseo, Zefina, Hightower Cellars, Barrelstone, Pavin & Riley, Sawtooth, Six Prong, Alder Ridge and Avery Lane. Whether it’s a new logo, product package, web site, or brand refresh, Ethan May Design offers a friendly, agile, creative approach with successful results. Artist Website

Working Girl Charachters by Stephanie MallonStephanie Mallon

Stephanie created the Working Girl characters. She now owns Watermallon Studios. Artist Website


La Dolce Vida Labels by Chris KoehlerChristopher Kroehler

Chris did a whole series of paintings for our labels depicting scenes from life at the winery entitled "Savor the Moment, Cherish the Memories.

Christopher Bio: Christopher Kroehler graduated from the University of Washington in 1988 with a BFA in painting and began showing his work in Seattle galleries and alternative spaces shortly thereafter. For the past fourteen years he has been concentrating his efforts on paintings on glass. He has developed a method of dimensional painting, which utilizes the transparent quality of glass by applying paint to both the outer and inner surfaces as well as canvas backing.Christopher Kroehler

As a result, light plays a major role in the work by casting shadows onto the canvas through and around the painted images on the surface of the glass. In the end, the effect is the incorporation of several separate surfaces into a cohesive and dimensional whole. Each of his paintings tells a story. They play at form, color, and image; experiments of expression which read beneath the surface. Artist Website

Laurie Tanguay

Laurie at Lobo Designs has been our graphic designer from the very beginning. She has created countless designs for us over the years, from wine labels and posters to newspaper ads.

Laurie Bio: In the fall of 1995, Laurie Tanguay retired from electro-mechanical engineering and packaging design.  Abandoning big-city life in favor of a quieter, more relaxed existence in the Pacific Northwest she chose to live along the rivers and coast of Oregon and Washington where she learned to fly fish, hunt and pursue her many outdoor interests.    She rediscovered her need for a creative outlet and worked as a free-lance graphic designer for corporations, festivals and government agencies.  On the advice of her late husband, watercolor artist Robert Brown, she opened LoBo Designs in 2004, using the scanners and fine art printers she designed in her previous career to assist artists and photographers in marketing their work to a larger audience, both on-line and at private exhibitions.  Artist Website

Working Girl Road Trip Logo by Lobo Designs

La Dolce Vida PosterKathy Womack

Kathy designed our original "La Dolce Vida" label as part of her Wine and Women series. The original painting hangs in the tasting room and is still used on our posters seen at left.

Kathy Bio: I tell people I live vicariously through my paintings. As a mother of three my life is hardly glamorous. It’s very “full,”just not glamorous. So there’s this little piece of me that screams toput on some strappy sandals and an evening frock and hit the town, see the girls, have a glass of wine . . . or two. Call the baby sitter and say you might be a little late! That’s the inspiration for the Women and Wine series. The success of the series lies in the fact that I share this view with many women today who might feel the weight of our commitments and just need to get out and mingle …

Much of the creativity in my work is focused on the costumes or the Kathy Womackfashion design on my women. As a former fashion illustrator/graphic designer for the Austin American Statesman in retail advertising, the huge move to computer generated images in the late 80’s meant I wouldn’t be drawing or illustrating as much. This left a void, as I needed to be creating.

Having always painted throughout my life, I decided to pick up my brushes again, but with more purpose. I began with local art festivals, picking up commissions, traveling to shows out of state. Before long, my effort began to pay off and soon I had a following which grew and spread by word of mouth (women do talk).

Kathy lives in Austin Texas with Scott, her husband and manager and their three kids, Olivia, Max and Weller.

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