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customer comments

I love, love, love your wines. Hubby and I come out to PA a couple of times a year and we make a stop all the time to restock....and I always seem to find something unique in the little 'gift' shop too! :-)

Greetings, I LOVE your website, philosophy and energy!

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Thank you so much for the "Romantic Man" getaway in Seattle!, we attended a wine reception at the Hotel Vintage Park, went to a sumptuous dinner and after that saw a hilarious play. We were surprised by a bottle of chanpagne in our room and it was so cool because at every step they knew that we were the Olympic Cellars contest winners. Thank you again for a terrific romantic weekend. It was a complete delight!


Greeetings, I LOVE your website, philosophy and energy! I have a bottle of your Rose the Riveter sitting on my shelf that was given to me as a gift. (you’re right… WHAT is it doing on the shelf.. it should be in my empty bottles recycling bin) A Roadtrip to your winery sounds great, especially if there are Goody Bags awaiting us! Kris Miskimens

Special thanks for your hospitality and the enjoyable wine tasting during the Red Wine & Chocolates Tour. We found your barn to be amazingly beautiful and the atmosphere was fun and refreshing. The bar style service was enjoyable and your crew was welcoming, allowing the guest to feel relaxed enough to let ou some good laughs and start some great conversations. It has been a pleasure to brag about your winery to our friends and encourage them to book their calendars for the Spring Barrel Tasting! Forest & Karlene Hill

What a treasure you have here! The beautiful bar is so elegant, you would never know you were in a barn

"The staff was so helpful in picking out my new favorite wine… Handy Man Red!"

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